How to Check Real Landowner Online in Haryana?
The real estate sector has always been a non-transparent sector when it comes to land records and title of the property, primarily due to the involvement of black money. Also, it is quite easy for fraudsters to fabricate land documents and sell that property to an innocent buyer. Considering all these fraudulent practices prevalent in real estate, the Department of Land Resources under the Ministry of Rural Development introduced the "Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP)". The government aims to digitalize all land records, bring in the system of conclusive titling, automate the entire mutation process, etc. The DILRM Programme has three major constituents: - (a) Computerization of entire land record, (b) Computerization of the Registration Process, (c) Survey/re-survey.  So, to computerize all land records, every state government has launched an Online Record of Rights (RoR) portal where any user can visit and check the land records. Due to the introduction of the said scheme, verification of land records has become very easy whereby any person intending to buy any land, can check owner details and other details with just a few clicks. For a State-wise list of Record to Right Portals, please click here. So, just like other states, the Haryana government has launched its own Record to Rights portal whereby users can visit and check the land records for owner details, any pending tax dues on land, or litigation on land, or outstanding water bills, if any.

Checking Land Owner Records online in Haryana

  1. Visit the official land record site of Haryana,
  2. Go to Cadastral Maps >> View Cadastral Maps
  3. Click Menu >> Search
  4. Select either to Search for Owners by Khasra or Khewat. You can also generate a “Jamabandi Nakal” for your reference.
  5. To Search for owners by Khasra or Khewat, select either option and select District, Tehsil, Village, and Khasra No./Khewat number from the dropdown list.
  6. Press Print and records of landowners and their shares will be displayed.
  7. You can take a printout of this record.
Note: The data on the portal is for viewing purposes only and cannot be used as evidence in any dispute in a court of law. Also read: Which is better: Buying a resale flat or an under-construction flat?

Checking Land Dues and Litigation Records Online in Haryana

  1. Visit the official land record site of Haryana,
  2. Go to Urban & Rural Property Records >> Urban & Rural Property Records
  3. To view land records, select District, Tehsil, Village, and Khasra No. from the dropdown list in Rural & Urban Land Records or you can select Municipal Corporation and enter Property ID for any urban property-related records.
  4. As you enter the relevant details stated above and press search, the portal will display the following details-
  • Dispute on Property
  • Tax Due
  • Unique Property ID
  • Property Transaction Details (if any)
  • Revenue Court Case Details (if any)
  • Civil Court Case Details (if any)
  • PHED (Water Bill Utility)
Every property buyer looking to purchase any property in Haryana or any part of the country should, as a precautionary measure, refer to these portals to ensure the clear title of the seller over the property and whether such property is subject to any litigation or outstanding statutory dues, etc. Digitalizing land records is a great initiative of the government to bring in the much-required transparency in land records. This move will also result in the computerization of the entire property transfer registration process, as well as the establishment of a clear and conclusive title to the property.

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